Dura-Trac. Proven Flooring
for ANY event.

The University of Washington Chose Dura-Trac to protect their sports field and transform it into a premier event venue.
Our system is fast. Full transformation in less than 24hours.


Built for Strength. Built to Last.

Our solid backed panels have a weight load capacity of 50,000 Lbs. per square foot.


Our system is FAST.

Dura-Trac’s patented slide-lock flooring system is self-aligning and allows for adjacent panels to fit together seamlessly and quickly. There are no hinges to break or loose pieces to be inserted, just slide and lock and you’re done.


Dura-Trac is a revolutionary flooring system designed to redefine the way you look at outdoor spaces

The Future of Flooring

Dura-Trac™ is a revolutionary product designed specifically for the special events industry by special events flooring experts. Made from HDPE plastic, Dura-Trac flooring is designed for speed and ease of installation and compliments the flooring you already own.

The patented slide-lock flooring system easily slides together. There are no hinges to break or pieces to be inserted, just slide and lock. The floor is 2 3/4″ thick with a number of accessories to make Dura-Trac more flexible. One of the primary benefits of this product is that it is lightweight with a 4′ x 4′ panel that weighs 50lbs. The load capacity will easily accommodate heavy vehicles, machinery, tents, and structures.

“Bret James and the team from Dura-Trac were nothing but professional, from start to finish, under an incredibly tight deadline for a very high-profile event. Dura-Trac is one of those products that people have likely experienced without realizing the value of the brand and the quality of the product. Flooring solutions are not generally top of mind for event attendees, but they are critical to event success. For our use, Dura-Trac was literally the foundation of the structure in which we were hosting more than 5,000 fans over three days of intimate, live music performances with Grammy Award winning and multi-Platinum acts. We never once worried about the floor or its sturdiness, even with more than 300 people jumping up and down to the music.”

Universal Music Group Nashville

“Price, availability, ergonomic characteristics, performance, aesthetics and the burden which our existing flooring places on my staff. We had entertained several versions of flooring, ultimately the Dura-Trac price point, availability to rent v. purchase and comparable characteristics to its competition were the main deciding factors which pushed us to Dura-Trac.”

Tyler Clay, Facilities Manager, Intercollegiate Athletics, University of Washington

“Dura-Trac Flooring has been a great partner to the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event the last two years. Bret James and his team have proactive mindsets. They take a plan and do it right the first time, which is invaluable in the event industry. Professional, reliable, timely.“


“Incredible service, unparalleled knowledge. I produce many events across the country each year – and the ones that I have the privilege of working with the Dura-Trac team are truly the ones that I look most forward to.”