The best Construction Industry Solution. Dura-Trac is built to withstand the demands of construction sites, Dura-Trac modular flooring offers unmatched durability and stability. From heavy machinery to high foot traffic, our flooring system ensures a level surface, enhancing safety and efficiency. Discover the power of Dura-Trac for your construction projects today.


Revolutionize Your Events. Originally designed for the event industry, Dura-Trac offers unmatched versatility and durability. Create stunning event spaces with confidence, knowing our flooring can handle heavy foot traffic, equipment, and structures and still look amazing while keeping you event safe with our exclusive locking system.
Elevate your events with Dura-Trac Flooring’s exceptional performance and reliability.


Unmatched Performance for Government and Military Applications. Engineered to meet the rigorous demands of government and military operations, Dura-Trac offers superior durability, stability, reliability and versatility. From temporary structures to vehicle access, our flooring system ensures reliable performance in even the most challenging environments and can even become a permanent flooring solution.


The Essential Solution for Disaster Relief Efforts. When disaster strikes, Dura-Trac is there to provide reliable and rapid flooring solutions. With its durability and versatility, our flooring system supports emergency shelters, command centers, and temporary infrastructure, enabling efficient disaster relief operations in any challenging environment.
20.000SF of Dura-Trac fits in an outdoor area of 20x20FT making it easy to keep in stock for quick deployment.


Unleash the Power and potential of your stadium. Elevate the game-day experience with our durable and versatile flooring solution. Dura-Trac ensures a stable surface that protects your turf, accommodating heavy foot traffic and equipment. Transform your stadium with the ultimate flooring choice for performance and safety. Dura-Trac temporary flooring is the best solution out there, use it inside your stadium and even on events outside in your parking lot.


Unleash the Potential of Outdoor Sporting Events. From prestigious PGA and USTA tournaments to outdoor basketball courts and even Pickle Ball courts, our flooring solution is the pinnacle of performance and durability. Experience superior traction, stability, and versatility, providing the ultimate surface for unforgettable outdoor sporting events.


Redefining Logistics Efficiency. Designed for the rigorous demands of the logistics industry, Dura-Trac offers unparalleled strength, stability, and versatility. From warehouses to shipping ports, our flooring system ensures seamless operations, supporting forklifts, vehicle traffic, and the efficient movement of goods and pallet racks can be drilled directly on to Dura-Trac.
Elevate and create your logistics infrastructure solution with Dura-Trac Flooring’s unmatched performance.


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