Introducing QUIK ROAD by Dura-Trac, an environmentally conscious ground protection solution that effortlessly accommodates vehicles weighing up to 120 tons. With unparalleled traction across various applications, these 4x8Ft mats enable swift construction of roadways or working platforms within minutes. Even in soft conditions, they leave turf undisturbed and smooth, eliminating the inconvenience of splintered, warped, or waterlogged plywood.

Dura-Trac QUIK ROAD ground protection

Crafted from durable polyethylene, our rugged Quik Road ground protection mats boast exceptional resilience, rendering them virtually indestructible. Engineered to withstand the weight of vehicles up to 120 tons, they flex without succumbing to damage, backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty for added peace of mind. Each mat is thoughtfully designed with hand holes on either side, facilitating effortless transportation, and can seamlessly interlock using our Quik-locks, forming a continuous roadway.


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