Dura-Trac Temporary Flooring Applications

Our temporary flooring panels can be deployed for all manner of different events and needs. Dura-Trac modular flooring systems are designed and engineered to provide the maximum ground protection while keeping your guests safe so they can enjoy your event.


Indoor/Outdoor Concerts, Special Events and Festivals

Dura-Trac is the ideal solution for outdoor music concerts and festivals, indoor motocross and monster truck rallies, and any special event requirement. Install Dura-Trac over grass, dirt, mud, and soft ground conditions, and it will protect your guests and employees. Simple, efficient and fast to install, Dura-Trac will transform your facility for a world-class event.

Oil & Gas Industry

Dura-Trac creates a clean, solid work station for Oil and Gas industry activities. Lightweight yet heavy duty design, Dura-Trac deploys and disassembles quickly for turnaround projects or can be left down indefinitely for longer engagements in the field. Its dual lock systems with Cam Locks is structured for heavy vehicle loads, yet low maintenance and easy to clean.

Stadium Commencement and Graduation Ceremonies

Universities and professional stadiums trust Dura-Trac to protect their natural and synthetic turf fields for commencements, graduations, and special events such as large rock concerts. Safe and secure, Dura-Trac panels have a dual locking system creating a solid, smooth event platform to protect students, faculty and guests alike. Plus, Dura-Trac’s patented design ensures your stadium’s turf will be well-protected during the event so it can be used the next day for athletic games.

Weddings, Tents and Corporate/Private Engagements

Dura-Trac is the preferred modular flooring system on the market for weddings, tent events, and private and corporate engagements. Dura-Trac’s panel size and design is ideal for most tent structures and doubles as a dance floor as well. Stores and transports compactly for easy set up and tear down allowing your crew to work quickly and adhere to tight event schedules.

Military Shelter – Disaster Relief Flooring

Dura-Trac flooring systems steady soft soil conditions enhancing pedestrian and vehicular traffic access and keep sensitive equipment clean. Dura-Trac withstands harsh weather and ground conditions, transports compactly, and rapidly deploys. Ideal for Barrack Tents, Dining Tents, Forward Operating Bases (FOB), medical and field hospitals, maintenance hangers, and many other applications.

Exhibits & Tradeshows

Transform your exhibit hall and tradeshow with Dura-Trac Flooring Systems. Dura-Trac’s design and panel size fits perfectly for individual booths or to cover larger areas such as isle-ways, dining areas, and function-wide display areas. Dura-Trac stores compactly and efficiently for labor teams to streamline installation and breakdown.